Congratulations to the 2019/2020 award winners

Parent's Choice Awards

The purpose of this award is to encourage and demonstrate positive relationships with families whose children attend Owl programs. Parents are asked to submit an online nomination for the employee or team they feel deserves this award.

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    Parent's Choice Individual Award    
Becky Myung, St. Brigid


Parent's Choice Team Award
Kathleen Verbeke and Lisa Erb, Saint John Paul II

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Rookie of the Year Award - The top-performing educator in their first year of service with Owl.

Most Valuable Player - Outstanding skills in classroom management in the area of planning and preparation. Works in collaboration with colleagues, parents and community partners. Highly positive towards children and engaged in professional development and leadership that has enhanced early learning and care.

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Rookie of the Year Award
Katrina Ratz, St. Luke
Most Valuable Player Award
Jess Hiemstra, YDP - Laurelwood

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Long Term Service Awards

Heartfelt thanks to all of our long-service employees - your dedication to Owl and passion for early learning make a difference every day!

5 Years of Service
Josephine Allishaw – St. Matthew 
Lisa Cook – Admin 
Velvet Corlette– St. Brigid 
Sara Byrne – St. Brigid 
Ashley Dekker – St. Brigid
Kiva Peletier– St. Brigid 
Stephanie Simpson – St. Brigid 
Emily Rattray – John Sweeney 
Simone Haughton – John Sweeney 
Anika Grahovac – Casual 

10 Years of Service
Ashley Vandermey – St. Nicholas
Judy Hackbart – Saint John Paul II

15 Years of Service
Janice Chubbs – Our Lady of Fatima 
Kate Delemere – Lincoln Road/Casual 

20 Years of Service
RukmanieAbdulla – St. Matthew 
Betty Gliedt – St. Matthew
Connie Cunningham – Saint John Paul II
Tami Sutton – Saint John Paul II 
Jennifer Silva – Saint John Paul II 

25 Years of Service
Lisa Rintoul – Our Lady of Fatima

30 Years of Service
Denise Sharpe – Lincoln Road

35 Years of Service
Joanne Neeb – John Sweeney