Headshot of Lori Prospero the Executive Director of Owl Child Care

Lori Prospero, CAE

Executive Director

As the senior-most staff person, the Executive Director (ED) works in partnership with the Board of Directors to establish policy and set the direction (i.e., strategic plan) for Owl and supports the Board in fulfilling its governance role. The ED provides leadership and manages the development, implementation and evaluation of Owl's programs and services in a manner consistent with Owl's mission, values, beliefs and guiding principles.

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photo of Kristine

Kristine Parsons, RECE

Director of Operations 

The Director of Operations (DO) takes the lead on Human Resources practices and objectives that provide an employee-oriented, high performance culture to emphasize empowerment, quality, productivity, goal attainment, and the recruitment and ongoing development of a superior workforce. As a key member of the senior management team, the DO provides input and recommendations to the ED on the overall management of Owl's programs and services and is the Acting ED when she is absent.

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photo of Thomas

Thomas Hemming, CGA

Accounting Manager 

The Accounting Manager is a resource to the senior management team and a member of the Board's Finance committee. He is responsible for preparing realistic budgets and ensures that financial reporting is accurate and produced efficiently. The Accounting Manager simplifies, interprets and communicates financial matters effectively. He liaises with financial professionals and our auditors to ensure Owl is meeting applicable standards and in line with regulations.

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photo of Brenda

Brenda Kennedy

Finance & Admin Coordinator

The Finance & Admin Coordinator (FAC) is responsible for customer invoicing and administration of bi-weekly payroll and related functions (i.e., benefits). The FAC works closely with the Accounts Coordinator on accounts payable and accounts receivable. Additionally, she serves as a coordinator of licensing procedures and related issues through communication with the applicable Ministry and the Executive Director.

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photo of Diane

Carmen Rusu

Accounts Coordinator

The Accounts Coordinator is responsible for data entry and monthly reconciliations of financial transactions including trial balance and preparation draft financial statements. She is responsible for the daily operations of the Accounts Payable and specific Accounts Receivable functions (e.g., collections). The Accounts Coordinator provides support to the management team and the FAC, in all areas of overlapping responsibilities and provide additional data as required.

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photo of Michelle

Michele Little

Hr/Admin Coordinator 

The Human Resources / Administrative Coordinator (HRAC)’s main focus is to assist the Director of Operations (DO). With an emphasis on recruitment, training, and event planning, the HRAC will aid in providing an optimal workforce, ensuring that employee training requirements are current and up-to-date. She provides coaching and recommendations to centre Supervisors during the hiring process to ensure that centre and organizational needs are met and that resources are used wisely.

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photo of Lisa

Lisa Cook

Marketing Communications Coordinator 

The Marketing Communications Coordinator is responsible for coordinating organization-wide design, message, and content generation, including electronic and print communications; in consultation with the ED. She designs and maintains Owl's marketing print and online materials. While promoting Owl's goods or services to the public, the Marketing Communications Coordinator ensures that Owl's brand identity is maintained.

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