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Updated: July 3, 2020


Crayon Pucks
March 2020


Recently our toddlers have been showing a lot of interest in colouring with crayons.  We have been frequently taking out the crayons to allow the children some unstructured creative time.  The children enhance their fine motor skills as they colour by strengthening the small muscle groups in their fingers and hands and strengthening their grasp.  Hand-eye coordination is developed as they gain practice in manipulating their crayons in an intentional way as they create lines and scribbles on their paper. These skills act as the foundation of early writing skills and will aid the children as they continue to build on their literacy and writing skills over the next few years.


To expand on their interest of colouring and build on the children’s learning we decided to work on making some crayon pucks.  We used old crayons that were broken and peeled the paper off of them.  We used coloured cups to have the children do some colour sorting with our broken crayon pieces to help us prepare for making our crayon pucks.  This helped to develop and reinforce our colour recognition as we labeled and discussed the different colour names as we sorted.  Next, we used an oven safe silicon muffin pan to put our sorted crayon pieces into and baked them in the oven until they melted.  The toddlers were fascinated how the small crayon pieces turned into a liquid which then, by the next morning, became one big solid again.  Some of our crayons were one solid colour, a few were swirled with different shades of the same colour and a couple were multi coloured to help us use up all our crayon pieces and not waste anything.  The children were very excited to work with our new crayons, and they experimented with different ways to hold the puck shaped crayons as they coloured.  A few of the children noticed they were able to stack two of the pucks and hold them together to colour with two colours at once.  This incorporated some discussion and child directed exploration of colour mixing. 


When we colour in our class, we set up an area at the table and work together in small groups.  Although the children are working individually on their own pieces of art, sitting in a group setting like this provides ample opportunities for language and social development to occur.  The toddlers are encouraged to talk with their peers about what they are drawing and who they are making their pictures for.  Turn taking and sharing is facilitated as a limited number of crayons are made available. The children need to speak with one another to ask for turns with certain colours and sometimes be patient and wait for their peer to be finished with their turn first.  As they gain practice with these social skills they are then able to apply them to other areas in the classroom and help them to begin to engage in more cooperative play with their peers.


If you are looking for an activity to do with your child at home, colouring is a simple but valuable activity the whole family can enjoy together.  Children of all ages can participate as well as many adults find it to be a relaxing activity.  We look forward to continuing our emerging project on colours when we return.  If you chose to do any activities related to exploring colours at home we would love to hear about them so we can share with the other children and build upon what has already been done.





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