School-age 3

November 2019


Our school-age 3 children were showing interest in playing board games. They were playing frustration, snakes and ladders and card games. I then brought in a few board games that the children made in our previous group. They were tic- tac- toe, plinko and checkers. The children were very involved and competitive while they were playing these games. With this overwhelming interest we decided to do a project on board games. The first game we made was Mancala. First we did some research on what the game is and how to play it. We then used a door from one of our old cupboard and cut it to size. Sebastian and Hailey worked together to cut the wood. While they were doing this Hailey said, “I have never used a saw before.” Then Sebastian replied, “I never used a saw before either but I am sure it is not so hard.” Hailey then added, “It is very hard but I will still try.” They both took turns to use the saw until they cut half of the wood at that time Lincoln’s dad walked into the classroom and Lincoln said, “My dad can help he is strong.” Lincoln’s dad then helped the children to cut the rest of the wood. While he was sawing he gave the children some tips on how to hold the saw when they were sawing the end of the wood. The children then started to paint the lids of coffee jars. The jars were painted with two different colours in order for the players to identify which lids will be their when they are playing the game. Hailey took the extra piece of wood and said, “I am going to make my own checker board with the extra piece of wood.” She then use some paint and painted pink and black squares. When everything was painted the lids were glued to the board and the Mancala game was ready to play. Most of the children said that they have never played Mancala before but wanted to learn how. Hailey, Sebastian, Logan, Amelia, Lincoln, William, Aiden and Theia took turns learning how the play Mancala. When Amelia was playing the game her dad walked in and said, “Oh you are playing Mancala.” Then Amelia asked, “Do you know this game?” Then her dad replied, “I used to play Mancala a long time ago.” Amelia then said, “I did not know that you can play Mancala maybe we can play it at home.”


two children working together, one holding the board while the other child uses a saw to cut the board

 two children painting a board black







child using a glue gun to stick the bowls on the boardtwo children sitting together playing Mancala
























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