School-age 2

Remembrance Day
November 2019


This month the children have been interested in learning more about Remembrance Day. Based on the children’s interest we have been doing a lot of activities related to Remembrance Day. The children did various crafts such as making poppies using coffee filters, painting them red and using a green pipe cleaner to make a stem. They added a black circle piece of paper for the middle of the poppy. The children also made a banner using tissue paper to spell out lest we forget. The children colored Remembrance Day print outs and book marks and we had a discussion about Remembrance Day and why it is important. Our final Remembrance Day activity was making a poppy tree. The children traced one of their hands on green paper, cut it out and glued it onto a larger white paper and used red paint with their fingers to make a poppy and black paint to make the center of the poppy. The children all really enjoyed doing all of the different Remembrance Day activities; and learning and discussing more about Remembrance Day. While discussing Remembrance Day Josephine asked the children why we celebrate it, and the children had a lot to share. Griffin said people fought in the war. Corinne said people died, poppies were grown, soldiers were buried and we wear poppies on Remembrance Day. People died in the war Nora said. We remember the soldiers that fought for us William G said. Soldiers died for us so we can have peace Liam said. It was nice to see the children enjoying themselves while learning!


children gathered around a teacher showing the poppies they madethree children making red finger print poppies

child sitting creating a Remembrance Day poster












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