School-age 1

St.Patrick's Day Celebrations
March 2020


To celebrate St. Patrick’s day, Josephine helped the children make rainbow clouds. The children were given a blue paper cloud and Josephine helped them use the one hole paper punch to put holes into the bottom of the cloud shape. The children were then given pipe cleaners that were all the colours of the rainbow – red, yellow, pink, green, purple, orange and blue. The children used their fine motor skills to thread the pipe cleaners through the holes and then used their pincer grasp to attach the pipe cleaner together to create a circle. They attached more than one pipe cleaner circle to each hole creating a chain. This activity helped to develop the children’s fine motor, hand-eye coordination and their pincer grasp.


 The children also had a chance to make a rainbow shamrock. The children were given a white paper shamrock and they were able to choose different colours of paint to blob onto one side of their shamrock. Once all the colours of paint were on the paper, the children folded their shamrock over and squished it with their hands. When they were done they opened their shamrock to view the beautiful design that was created. This activity helped the children to develop stronger social skills as they talked to their friends about the different colours they chose. They also used their gross motor skills as they held the large bottles of paint as they blobbed the paint on their paper.


 We had so much fun creating these simple but beautiful creative experiences. While you are at home with your children there are many different activities that you can do together. Your children are very creative and they enjoy spending time using their creative abilities to create masterpieces that are important to them.





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