Bubbles Go POP!
September 2019


With the welcoming of many new faces in the toddler room this month, we have found a new special interest in blowing bubbles. The children showed so much excitement when they first saw Gabi blowing bubbles and all ran over to see what was happening. Noriza put her hands up in the air and said, “Pop!” as she caught the bubble in the air.


Playing with bubbles has been a great way for the toddlers to develop their hand and eye coordination skills as they slowly float through the air. They have also further developed their coordination skills as they work on figuring out how to get the bubble stick back into the container, a tricky task for a toddler!


The children have all quickly learned the process of how to blow a bubble through observation of their educators. Amelia held out her hand to the bubble wand and asked, “Amelia’s turn?” She dipped the bubble wand into the bubbles and blew with all her might, creating many bubbles. All the toddlers screamed with excitement and continued to chase the bubbles.


The toddlers also had the opportunity to learn about cause and effect as we observed the floor after we had finished blowing bubbles. Jack suggested, “It’s all wet”, as he pointed down to the floor. When we looked down, we noticed a wet mark had appeared on the floor from all the bubbles that had popped. We talked about safety and all worked together to clean the bubbles up with a mop and cloths.


An activity that was simply intended to help our new friends get comfortable in their new surroundings, turned into a spectacular learning experience for the whole group.


Girl blowing bubblesGirl and boy sitting on floor blowing bubblesGroup of children laughing and blowing bubbles





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