And Snow it Begins
November 2019


The Toddlers were mesmerized to see that the snow had arrived so early this year. We bundled up and embraced the cold and the snow. Although our gross motor skills took on a big challenge, we enjoyed rolling around in the snow together. Christine began to make snowballs out of the snow that had collected on the slides. What we did not realize is all the fun we can have with snowballs! First Christine took a snowball and wrote the letters of the alphabet on the brick wall, teaching us about letter recognition as we were learning our alphabet. Amelia shouted out the letters she recognized when Christine wrote them one by one. As we continued making snowballs and collecting them on the tunnel, Nancy started singing “5 Little Snowballs” teaching us about numeracy and literacy together. We giggled together as she sneezed and all 5 of the snowballs went flying. We gathered around to help sing the song, and collect the snowballs, so that we could sing it again and again. Luke picked up the snowball and realized he had pulled off his mitten. He soon learned that the snow was quite cold on his bare hand. Through these experiences we have learned the importance of dressing warm and keeping our mittens on in the cold so that we can have lots of fun in the snow! Perhaps we will continue find new ways to explore and learn from the science of snow this winter.


A group of toddlers playing in the snow with an educator

Letters written on the wall with snow






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