A Berry Fun Way to Decorate for the Holidays
December 2019


For the last couple of weeks, the children have been interested in sensory type play. Gabi brought in a variety of sensory items such as ball ornaments, pipe cleaners, cotton balls and tissue paper. We observed the children putting the pipe cleaners through the end of the ball ornaments and filling the ball ornaments with cotton balls. We expanded their interest by bringing in cranberries and pipe cleaners and inviting them to the table. Cameron was the first one to join, he was really intrigued with the materials he saw. He slowly watched Christine slide each cranberry through the pipe cleaner, afterwards he tried to do the same thing. Aubrey Easton and Colby joined picking one cranberry at a time, sliding each one across the pipe cleaner. Easton, Norah and Luke did a taste test with Christine and Nancy. Easton and Norah seemed a bit puzzled by the taste. But Luke and Nancy knew they truly did not like the tart taste. Christine however seemed to enjoy them. After the taste test we continued to put cranberries through the pipe cleaners. Cameron held the bag of cranberries and started passing them one by one to Christine so she could slide each one across the pipe cleaners. Cameron then added to the experience by finding the playdough and manipulating the playdough with the cranberries. We hung some cranberry strings up inside on our school bus, while we hung the rest up outside in the tree. We wonder what will happen next? We will be observing them the next couple of days.


A boy tasting a cranberry while stringing them on a pipecleaner

A girl stringing cranberries on a pipe cleaner


























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