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Sr. Camp Rocks!
Summer 2019



The memories that we have made thus far in Sr. Camp have been incredible. Here are a few of our favourite memories so far.


Sr. Camp split into three groups and had a frozen shirt race. The challenge was to have a person on each team wear the shirt that was frozen into a block of ice. The groups worked together as a team trying to melt their ice blocks without smashing the ice. Some teams used water, others used the brick wall to grind down the ice, while others went around the playground looking for things that were warm so the ice could melt faster. After 30 minutes, everyone was in a three way tie so we moved onto smashing the ice blocks. It wasn’t long before everyone took turns throwing the ice on the ground or walls. Eventually all three teams were able to free their shirts from the ice!


Each week we’ve been given a STEAM challenge to complete. Our favourite by far was to create something out of cardboard boxes and let us tell you we conquered that challenge head on! We put a call out to our families to bring in big boxes so that each child was able to create their own car for St. Luke’s drive in movie theatre! Not only did all 26 children make their own car, the campers even created driver’s licenses, license plates, wheels, headlights, steering wheels that move, stereo system, etc. The campers had to give a high 5 as a ticket to enter the theatre. We shone a flashlight throughout the movie to act as headlights and even stopped for an intermission to do bathroom breaks and popcorn. We enjoyed watching Lego Movie 2!


The Sr. Campers walked around the center gathering loose parts to make their marble run for another week’s challenge. We grabbed the PVC pipe from the preschool/toddler playground and began taping everything to the pipe. The campers created tunnels, gears that spin when the marble runs under it. We also created a ramp out of dominoes, and a start and finish point. We first tried elevating the pipe on the table but it kept slipping off, next we tried to attach it to the cubby cut outs but the same results kept happening. We placed the hollow wooden blocks on top of one another to give us enough height we needed and taped them together so they wouldn’t move. At the finish line the campers created a slot from 1-6 to earn points for each time the marble landed in it. The goal was to make a grand total of 50 points.


We cannot wait to see what the last few weeks have in store for us!


 A collage of camp memories

A collage of camp memories

 A collage of camp memories








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