School-age 2

Learning to Draw
December 2019


This month the children in School Age 2 have been fascinated with Art for Kids Hub YouTube videos. They especially like the Learn to Draw videos which are step by step instructional videos of the group’s favourite characters and animals. With this being such a popular activity, we needed to come up with some rules about the amount of children participating and how long each child’s turn would be. As a group, the children decided that only 4 people were able to partake at one time and that they could only draw one character per turn. They even started a signup sheet to make it fair for everyone wanting a turn.


The children have enjoyed drawing many characters like Thor, Captain America, Star Wars, emojis, a fairy, lots of animals, and then switched to holiday themes such as Halloween and Christmas.


While discussing what our Christmas door would be, the group instantly moved to a hockey themed door. Stephen and Krithik decided to use the Learn to Draw videos again to draw our hockey players. Alex thought we needed goalies on our rink and she found a video on how to draw a goalie as well!


This has been a great use of our iPads and we have really enjoyed seeing everyone get involved in the different drawings. With great patience and attention to detail, our group has really become exceptional artists!


Three boys sitting at a table drawing

Two boys drawing at a table

A girl sitting at the table looking at the iPad and drawing a picture













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