School-age 1

The Human Body
October 2019


The children in School-age 1 were excited to participate in a body tracing activity. They traced each other’s bodies by using the roll of paper and markers. The children practiced their fine motor skills and eye and hand coordination skills to cut the traced bodies out of the large pieces of paper. After that they added all the details to their bodies such as faces, fingers and clothes. The next day the educators provided some library books about the human body that were read to the children. They learned about the functions of body parts and their location. They were very interested in the function of the human brain and how the brain is related to the five senses. Vonne was perusing one of the books on her own and observed, “This looks like a rainbow brain”. Genevieve was looking at a page and pointing at it saying, “This a broken bone”. She turned the page and said “These are adult teeth and these are children’s teeth”.

To continue with the children’s interest, the educators started exploring the subject of the human body by offering other activities in the program. Amy invited some children to make their “Hand X-ray” using white paint, glue and Q-Tips. During another activity, the children created a booklet about senses by colouring the body parts, cutting them out and then explaining which sense is their favourite and why. Harrison said, “I like sense of taste because I like food”. Parker said, “My favourite sense is a sense of sight because I like watching movies”. The educators put all the colourings into a booklet so the children could look at it at any time.
The activities that were provided for the children were educational and gave them the opportunity to interact and learn about their body parts. We are excited to continue developing this interest!


Girl using white paint to create a hand skeleton painting

Three boys tracing and cutting out their body prints








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