School-age 1

Mastering our Fine Motor Skills
December 2019


School age 1 educators have observed the children being frequently involved in craft activities and fine motor activities, so we set a goal to work on mastering fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. The educators provided many opportunities to the children so they could practice these skills. One of them was cutting the paper with scissors following different patterns and lines. Some children cut out circles, zigzags, geometrical shapes or waves. We also used shopping flyers, cutting out our favourite pictures and pasting them onto the construction paper. When cutting the shape of a Christmas tree for the door competition, children had to work to cut along the line. Jack was enjoying using stencils and his hand-eye coordination to trace pictures and colour them. August was practicing staying inside the lines and proper pencil grasp while panting a giant Christmas tree.

The children had also a chance to practice their self help skills when doing their own coat zippers. Mackenzie mastered this skill and is able independently zip up her winter jacket! Some of them still practice their skills or ask for help from their peers.

Finally, the children used these muscles and motor skills to work on the salt dough. They mixed the ingredients with the wooden spoon and at the end they combined them with water so became a dough. This was a great activity to explore their creativity and imagination.


Two girls sitting at a table cutting paper

A girl zipping up the zipper on her winter coat



















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