All About Indoor Groos Motor
March 2020


In the Preschool Program, most days we struggle in the winter season heading outdoors, simply due to the cut off temperature of -15 degrees. Collaboratively, Sarah, Mary and Catherine alongside the children have to put on our thinking caps on to figure out different types of provocations to let out the children’s busy energy.


Recently we have engaged in several types of gross-motor play such as holding “Preschool Challenges” using our bouncy dragon and unicorn. We paired up the children to race against each other. Whom ever reached the finish line first would move on to the next round. The children were super competitive while the crowd cheered them on. The next day we did a part two of the challenge because the children enjoyed it so much the first time.


On another indoor day we implemented a Bubble Dance Party. We turned on our disco lights and moved to the music, shaking, wiggling, and hopping to the fun dance music. Some children would jump up to touch or catch the bubbles. A few of the children’s hair got wet from the bubbles, so they bent over, put their hands in their hair and began to shake out the bubbles, while others went into the bathroom to wash off the soapy bubbles. The children love to dance to some of their favourite music such as, The Pinocchio Song, Freeze Dance, Baby Shark, Let It Go and so much more. When one song ends they always request another.


We also have had a blast bringing back an activity from the Christmas season from our old friend Elfie, our famous Snowball Fight! When the children look outside the windows and see a dark, gloomy wet day they always ask “Are we going outside today?” On one of those days, we asked them “What do you want to do to let out your energy?” Often times they answer, “Dance Party”, or “yoga” or even “obstacle course”, but that day a lot of them shouted out “Snowball Fight”. And so we did! We used big cotton balls, turned on fun dance music and away we went.


We always make sure we practice Safety First in the environment when implementing Indoor Gross-Motor. We move all the furniture to the walls, we stack the chairs and inspect the rest of the room. The children participate in this as well. They are very proud to say “look I’m strong” or “see my muscles”.

The group enjoys a bubble party


All of these activities allow for lots of physical abilities from jumping, to hopping, to crawling and much more. It also benefits the children when socializing with their peers and educators, showing excitement and being engaged. When we have our dance parties it brings out their sense of expression, showing off their moves. Engaging in indoor gross-motor play can often be difficult with 24 children, however we always work together as a program to allow for learning opportunities and exploration!


The group enjoys a bubble party

Two children start a race on the large bouncy animals

Two children start a race on the large bouncy animals













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