Preschool 2

What's in a Name?
March 2020


This month at Owl-St. Brigid, the children of Preschool 2 enhanced their literacy skills while also engaging with some loose parts. Many of the children had been curious about learning how to write their names, so educator Anna decided to incorporate their interests into the weekly Forest Friday trips. As the class was out for a walk, the children went on a scavenger hunt for things like rocks, pebbles and small sticks. Educators Anna, Sandy and Stephanie also brought in other loose parts such as pinecones, shells, glass beads, etc. During a rainy morning the following week, the educators placed pieces of paper with various letters around the room, and set up trays of loose parts with them. Without giving any instruction, the educators watched as the children began using the loose parts to make letters. Olivia looked around the classroom for the letter “O” and said “O is for Olivia! Now I need more letters. Olivia goes O-L-I-V-I-A”. Jaxon also commented “J for Jaxon! What else is for Jaxon?”. Anna wrote Jaxon’s name on a new piece of paper, and watched as he used loose parts to trace his name. The preschoolers continued enhancing their fine-motor skills, along with their cognitive skills. This experience also helped foster a sense of self and belonging in the children. It gave them the opportunity to feel pride when they were able to identify the letters in their name, and they recognized the individuality and uniqueness of their names. We’re excited to see how else we can incorporate literacy into nature! 





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