School-age 4

Around the world within 60 minutes
December 2019


This month, school-age 4 has been interested in a new board game. Monopoly world edition. This is a new edition of the Monopoly franchise. To play the game the rules are different from our traditional Monopoly. Each player is given a plastic sleeve, and they are to fill their sleeve with tokens while taking turns moving around the board accruing different tokens, that represent different places in the world. The first one to fill their sleeve entirely wins the game.


Children playing a board game


The amazing thing about board games is learning while having fun. Board games are a great way to encourage healthy brain development in children of all ages. While playing games the children are learning patience, turn-taking, teamwork, and how to win and lose gracefully. As they move their pieces around to board or shuffle cards they’re building on their hand and eye coordination, dexterity, and fine motor skills. Children are working on their language skills, and how to communicate their thoughts and ideas in an appropriate way. Board games are also a great way for children to unplug from technology and have those real-life connections.






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