School-age 3

Creating Craft Bouquets
January 2020


The girls have recently shown interest in crafts and making 3D art. The teachers decided to bring some loose parts into the room and see what they would do with them. Some of the girls noticed the fake flowers and thought about what they could do with them, to the teachers surprise they began making bouquets.


Children using craft materials at a table


Some of the girls used buttons to stick straws in to keep them in place, others did that but then a step further and used pipe cleaners to wrap around the straws to keep them closer together. Once they got going they came across the hot glue gun and wondered what they could use that for and what could they glue to their bouquets. “I’m going to hot glue the feathers on the straws so they don’t fall off” said Emma.


Hannah was able to twist two pipe cleaners around a straw to make a pattern and also able to hold the feather in at the top of the straw. “If I put the pipe cleaner in the straw then I can change the colour of the straw as well”. - Hannah


The girls then began brainstorming with one another on what they could add, what worked and what didn’t work on their bouquets. They had realized that most of them needed the hot glue gun to continue working on their art, so they came up with a plan to make a list so that each one got a turn. They each were able to put their name down and when it came to their turn a timer was set and they each got 10 minutes to use the hot glue gun but could add their name to the bottom of the list to go back if they needed to.


Overall this experience was a huge success for them, it really gave them a sense of belonging, being respectful not only to one another but to each other’s work, expression as each one was able to create their bouquet and have their own unique sense of creativity and style, finally a sense of engagement.


Child holding creation







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