School-age 1

December 2019


On one afternoon, during free play time it was observed that some of the children were taking a trip on an airplane. They had assigned roles for each other, from pilot to co-pilot to members of a family. As a group they set up chairs to resemble the seating in a plane with the pilots up front and passengers in the back. During this time the children were able to express their creativity and use their imagination while building what they thought an airplane might look like. They were also building upon their communication and problem solving skills, while setting everything up. Over the course of their play Oliver made an announcement that they had to jump out of the plane because it was going to crash. Everyone did so, landing in a boat that took them to their next plane. They continued to play this game of and on for about a week.


About a week later on the playground, Hadley and Piper were observed building an “automatic boat traveler”. They used pieces of wood, tires, and the large dollhouse to create their boat and all of the fun amenities to go along with it. Together they moved the materials to the spot that it needed to be in and collaborated their ideas on what should be included on their boat. While doing this the girls used their gross motor skills when moving the heavy objects and displayed the ability to use expressive and receptive language when engaging in conversation with each other. Hadley was able to communicate and explain the different functions that their boat had and demonstrated how each item worked.


Fred and Oliver were also able to explore the concept of transportation on the playground. After a decent amount of snow had fallen Oliver was observed pulling Fred in a toboggan. Fred however was holding a shovel out in front of himself pushing the snow out of the way. When asked what he was doing he explained that he was a snowplow clearing the roads for the cars to drive on. Fred was able to display his recall skills during this activity, remembering a time when he saw a snowplow in action and recreating this memory. He later was seen teaching Oliver how to be a snowplow, using his communication and social skills.


During the month we have also been group discussing of this concept during. We have looked at various books that talk about transportation, one of our children, Hunter contributed by finding a book in the school library about police cars and wanting to share it during this time. We have been able to expand our knowledge about the different types of vehicles and add new words to our vocabulary as we earn the different names. We have conducted surveys with the children asking them their favourite mode of transportation and what is their favourite emergency vehicle. In order to expand on the children’s, play Erin the Early Childhood Educator brought in her bucket of transportation materials. These materials included various vehicles and books. Some of their favourites have been the boats, airplanes and motorcycles. The four foundations can be seen as they engage with the materials and each other. As well as when they express their thoughts and ideas to each other. Imagination skills are being used to create various stories and scenarios with each other and a wonderful sense of belonging has been happening as everyone has been welcomed into each other’s play.


Children building with tires and wood









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