Preschool 2

Community Walks
Summer 2019


During the week we had engaged in a coloring flower science experiment, this lead to a further discussion on a community walk. We discovered different things that we don’t normally see in our playground. As we continued our walk, we came to the place where many different wild flowers grew.


children looking at wild flowers


“This white one is the same. (Wild carrot) We had it in the colored water”. Emily said as she recognized it. Hailey found a yellow flower that is called “dandelion”. Leo found a ladybug on the stem of flowers. Liam tried to look for a bug and curiously came close to touch a “thistle”. Leo gently removed Liam’s hand out of the prickly stem. Then Leo realized that with every step we take, something jumps out from the grass. Leo kept his body lower down and watched closely. When Liam walked beside Leo, He finally caught it in his hand. It was a “grasshopper”. “Look! What I got”. Leo was proud to show it to friends.

Soon Liam and Mya found a dragonfly in the air. Unfortunately, the dragonfly didn’t land on the ground. Liam ran back and forth many times. We also distinguished that a white butterfly and Monarch butterfly are a different color and size. We saw lots of bees flying from flower to flower. “They are collecting nectar, they look busy “said Leo. Mya who wanted to pick flowers in the bush, shook her head and said, “I’m scared of bees”. Addison and Hailey were busy collecting many flowers with scissors. They cut small yellow flowers and white with yellow in the middle. (Erigeron annuus) Emily picked purple ones.(Chicory) Alicia found milkweeds in the bush. They have never seen it before, so they were asked why it’s called milkweed. They stared at the plant in her hands. “Ah, look at here! There is white stuff coming out. It looks like milk” Addison pointed at the cut section of the stem.

In the afternoon, they used those flowers to make crafts by gluing and painting. Leo opened up the milkweed and discovered what was inside of it. The most exciting of all was taking some flowers home to share with their family. They chose flowers by favorite colors and shapes and then kept them in a cup with a little bit of water to stay alive. (that we learned from past experience)

With this walk, the children have learned the names of flowers, shapes and colors. They discovered that wild flowers are usually okay to pick, however some of them are prickly to touch. It’s not easy to go into the flower bush. Many insects live in the field and they move, so they are hard to catch with our hands.








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