Preschool 2

Our Tiny Town field trip
December 2019


Our field trip to Tiny Town in Guelph proved to be a fun and educational experience for all. From the moment we arrived until the moment we left the children were busy role playing and partaking in imaginative play. Some of the children played in areas that they already enjoy in our classroom while others explored outside their comfort zone.

In our classroom Angelina can always be found carrying a “baby” around in her arms or cooking in the dress up area. At Tiny Town she was found playing in the construction room. She donned a hard hat, safety goggles and a reflective work vest.


Child dressed up as construction worker

Elyar spent most of his time in the firehouse. He donned a fire helmet and vest and drove in the large wooden firetruck. He also played at the small apartment building and pretended to put out the fires with the small firemen. He was also engaged in a new activity as he was busy cooking food in the restaurant area.

Evalina loved the veterinary shop. She pretended to take the temperatures of all the puppies, determined that they were all sick and then covered them up with blankets to help them feel better.


Aryana loves princesses and was so excited to become Elsa for part of her time there. She also took on a new role as we saw her sitting inside the wooden car, put together pizzas and delivered them to her friends. She chose different toppings as she asked her friends what they like on their pizza.

Charlotte was observed putting letters into a mailbox. When asked what she was doing she said, “I am sending a letter to Santa.”

Kayla and Emmett played together in the outdoor restaurant. Emmett was the chef cooking the food and Kayla was the customer that was paying for it.

David was found in the Ice Cream Shoppe putting various colors of “scoops” on the cone and counting them as he went along.


Children sitting a picnic table


During this field trip all children were able to pretend to be someone else; were able to use a variety of materials to build and express their ideas; were able to generate alternative ideas; were able to take a role in socio-dramatic play and were able to sustain and extend their socio-dramatic play with language, additional ideas and props. (ELECT 2104)

All the children enjoyed themselves immensely. It will definitely be a place that we will visit again.




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