Preschool 1

A Walk in the Woods
November 2019


The weather has changed, there is now a cool chill in the air. Preschool one decided to go exploring in the forest behind the school. Everyone was so excited about what they might encounter out there. Our walk to the forest took us past many houses in the neighbourhood. Many of the children, using binoculars they had created earlier in the morning, saw pumpkins and Jack-O-Lanterns sitting on the porches of the houses. “Look! Pumpkins”, said Autumn. Lincoln said “Jack-O-Lanterns too”. Remembering a recent pumpkin carving activity, the children were able to classify the difference between pumpkins and Jack-O-Lanterns. We also fostered our beginning math skills as we counted the number of the pumpkins we saw along the way.


When we reached the entrance of the forest, we stopped and smelt the air. “smells like dirt and grass”, said the educator. The preschools agreed, nodded their heads. The entrance area was a bit overgrown with tall weeds, the children pushed forward as they brushed the weeds away or covered their face with their hands to avoid the weeds hitting them. Inside the forest was quiet and very yellow with the trees and ground covered in leaves. Some of the children seemed a little apprehensive at first and grabbed their buddy’s hand tighter. They kept silent and looked around observing their surroundings while walking. Some of the children began to stumble and trip on the tree roots, falling into deep leaves that hugged their bodies. They used their bodies to create leaf angels on the ground. Once we came to an open area, we let go of our buddy’s hands and were off to explore. Autumn pushed a skinny tree and saw that she could shake leaves off. The others chased after the leaves before landing on the ground. Lincoln jumped off from a tree stump and felt how deep the layers of leaves were. Alexis and Damian were busy digging up tree branches. The pair discovered they couldn’t pull up some of the branches because they had roots. The children fell back into the cushiony leaf piles and laughed with one another. We also played a game of looking for the biggest maple leaf. “Mine is bigger, look!” said Alexis. She proudly showed off her leaf in the air.


 Child holding up a leaf


With this adventure, the children touched and smelt nature with their senses. The obstructions of weeds and roots provided some challenges however they solved their problems independently. Math skills were used by counting and size comparisons. They gained knowledge of a maple tree’s name and the different parts of a tree, such as “roots” and “leaves from tree brunches” while they engaged in their play.


Child in leaf pile





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