Preschool 1

Here comes the Fire Truck
October 2019


A recent fire drill sparked an interest in fire trucks. The children began driving their fire trucks (bikes) around the playground, wonderful conversations started to happen between the children of what happens when the fire bell rings and what fire fighter do. With all of this imaginative play and conversation taking place, we have started a project all about fire trucks.


One morning we read the book Fire Truck by Ivan Ulz. The story talked about fire trucks and what is on a fire truck. After reading the story the children started to create their own fire truck. Logan and Cadence started to create the truck by placing the chairs in a row. Lincoln and John came over and asked if they could help. Logan and Cadence agreed.


Children sitting on chairs lined up in a row


Once the chairs were ready, Lincoln said, “We need a fire hose.” How do you think we can make one? Keiko inquired. After looking around the room the children found some paper tubes. We decided to tape them together to create a hose. John, Lincoln, and Logan used their fire hoses to put out the fire that was on the couch. As they were putting out the fire they were saying, “I’m gonna shoot that water.” Once they were done it was time to go home on the fire truck.

As they were driving on the truck, Cadence was honking the horn and waving as she was passing by. While they were getting ready at the station Damian and Jacob said that they heard a fire bell. It was time to get back on the truck and protect us from another fire. As they were driving their truck Alexis decided to join in as well as Jacob. They wanted to help put out the next fire.


Children putting out pretend fire


During this activity the children were using their imagination. They used their communication skills to help work together and take turns using the fire hoses. Each child developed a sense of belonging because they each added their own idea to the activity.


We are excited to continue to learn more about fire trucks and we can’t wait to share all the new information that we have learned.






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