Preschool 1

Painting with our imaginations
January 2020


The children have enjoyed experimenting with different ways to paint. We used paint brushes and three different colours in our activity.


Lincoln combined blue and green together to create the colour turquoise. First, he started by spreading the green paint all over his paper. Next, he added blue. He decided that it would be better to mix using his fingers. As he was mixing the colours together, he said, “I am making a dinosaur.” Ewan used the colour purple and painted his whole page using the paint brush. He said, “I’m making a chimney.” Jacob used all three colours. He started with the green and said, “this is the house.” Once he was done, he used the purple paint and painted in two different spots. He said’ this is the rocket ship, and this is where they blast off.” Alexis and Lila decided to paint their whole paper in just one colour. Some of the children enjoyed painting with one colour while others chose to use all the colours.


Child painting


The children used their fine motor skills to spread the paint around by using a pincer grasp to hold onto the paint brush. They practiced waiting their turn as well as working together to share the paint. They used their communication skills with each other to discuss what they were going to create. The children are excited to continue to use different materials to explore painting with.




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