Jr. Camp

Telling Your Story
Summer 2019


Throughout the summer, Jr. Camp has been interested in exploring books, reading stories as a group, and creating their own stories. We have expanded this into a project that has included exploration on how books can be made, genres, defining aspects within a story, creating and telling our own stories, and more.


children at table colouring


As a concluding experience for our book project, we introduced a variety of materials for story and book making. The children were invited to use their knowledge of book making and story- telling, working with a partner or group, and represent it through materials such as clay, play dough, loose parts (shells, stones, gems, animal figures) paper, art supplies, etc.

Many children were interested in this idea. Some chose to work alone, in pairs and in groups. The children chose to create stories using the variety of methods, for example, Colton and Evera partnered up with Colton making a 3D model of various scenes and Evera copying this onto paper as drawings.


Wesley asked for Amanda’s help to hole punch and bind the spine of his book with yarn, then spell the title of his book “Sleeping Bunnies”. Kayla got to work making a story she titled, “Nature Bunnies”. She included a title, written descriptions and illustrations. Kyler and Cameron decided to pair up to make a Pokémon Book of their favourite characters. Oliver and Blake bound a paper booklet first with tape, then holes and yarn, and wrote and illustrated about “the Pigeon who drove the bus”. This represented their knowledge of books they may have at home or at school!


The children displayed their interests and knowledge about book making and stories in a variety of ways, collaborating to expand on their ideas. The children worked on this throughout the week and had a sharing time at the end to display their work or verbally tell their story. We hope throughout our Book Project, the children have been able to explore a variety of genres, the parts of a book, how books are made, and methods of expression they can use to tell their stories.






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