Gym Time
Summer 2019


One afternoon when it was too hot to go outside, Jen and Judy took the Infants down to the school gym. This first visit was on July 30th and some of them were a little intimidated with this big empty space. Mackenzie stayed very close to Jen watching Nick and Sam walk around and explore. The twins were curious to touch the tumble mats hanging on the wall. Mackenzie was not happy to be here but was content to sit with Jen and observe her friends.


Infants crawling in the gym


Matthew was also a little shy and stayed close to the pile of tumble mats Judy and Jen put on the floor for climbing. This first experience in the gym was very different than playing in our comfy classroom.

On August 9th Tami, Connie and Judy took the Infants back to the gym for a second visit. Eli, Alicia and Zoey were with us this time. It was better this time. Tami got out some balls to push around.

Connie put a pile of tumbling mats into a pyramid to climb. This caught Zoey and Alicia’s attention and they spent a lot of time risk taking by using their gross motor skills to climb up and down the mats. Connie was there to lend a helping hand when needed. It was fun to balance on the edge of the mat. We also played some social games like peek-a-boo with the netted bean bags. They were easy for us to throw around.


There were lots of smiles as we loved having the freedom to walk around this big room independently. Most of us are getting ready to take our first steps.






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