Worm Project


Preschool 2

Completed: Summer 2016

RECEs: Mary, Kathy, Leanne

Objectives: To further explore the children's interest in worms and to observe and seek out answers to our questions.

Our worm home making a worm chart

boy eating gummy worms








The preschool worm project started with a question; is the worm going in the hole or is the worm coming out?

We learned that worms must be kept in a moist dark area or they can die. We learned that if worms are in the light too long they become paralyzed and are unable to move for up to an hour.

Worm, worm slippery slide (sliding on their belly)
I smell a bird and I better hide (curl up in a ball)
Down, down under the ground (slide again as if you are getting away)
Wormy squirmy round and round (twirl around)

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