Swing Project



Completed: July 2017

RECEs: Nancy, Shannon, Jaime, and Kate

Objectives: To find out what the infants know and understand about the motion of swing, through exploration and play.

boy swinging at a pinata swinging styrofoam cup








In April, 2017 we observed some of the infants using the toy brooms to touch the hanging nature globes in our windows. They would swing the broom handle to hit the globes causing them to swing side to side. This made the boys giggle and continue to hit the globes to keep the swing motion going. This action has continued as Raymes still enjoys it, and Ella can now reach too!

From our observations, we know the infants understand that they can use different items to hit hanging objects to make them swing.  We thought that the infants would want to explore what elements make things swing, the motion of their bodies swinging, and what items can swing on their own.


boy colouring with markers


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