Hiding Project


Completed: December 2018

RECEs: Nancy, Shannon, Melody and Kate

Objectives: To explore the elements of hiding; What things can we hide in or under? When objects are hiding (and we can’t see them) are they still there? What can we hide our body parts in, under or behind?


child hiding his face behind a box

children hiding under a blanket

children hiding in a tent


The educators observed the children’s sense of wonder as they explored the mirrors that were everywhere; on the walls, on the floor, in bins and in the hands of the infants. These new reflective toys were brought into the infant room in December 2017 when Santa came for a visit, and left the infant room with new reflective toys.


Based on our observations, the infants have some knowledge and awareness about reflection. They know they can see themselves in mirrors, the mirror balls and mirror pebbles, and that the reflection they see is themselves. When they move, their reflection moves in the mirror. They know that the person who is near them is who’s reflection they see.



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