Our daughter Rebecca (an active Owl participant since she was 2 years old) has participated in her first Summer Camp experience with the Sr. Campers. I admit that we were particularly nervous as this was our daughter's first experience in a summer camp. I discussed my concerns with the centre supervisor at the beginning of the summer, particularly regarding the field trips that were organized, sometimes "far away" from KW. She reassured me about the camper/teacher ratio and about all the precautions that are taken to ensure the safety of the children. I shared the program with Rebecca, she was very excited to be part of the camp and so we decided to sign her up. The Sr. Camp turned out to be the most amazing experience for our daughter. We want to compliment the staff (Keri, Nadine, Nydia, Rukmanie, Marianne, and Patti). We don't have enough words to express our admiration for this group of ladies and all the substitute teachers that interacted with our daughter throughout the summer. These individuals went above and beyond to make the summer camp experience a memorable one for our child. The activities that were organized were fun, educational, and safe. The field trips were very well organized and the supervision (I accompanied my daughter on two occasions) was flawless. My deepest thank you to all of them! We also want to express in writing our thank you for the pre-school teachers who taught our son Matthias during his last summer at Owl as a pre-schooler (He's now in full day JK and participates in before and after care). Betty, Laci, Ayada and Joanne, another group of dedicated teachers who go above and beyond each day for the kids they have in their care. Matthias has matured and improved so much on many of his skills because of them! I truly cannot say enough about the quality of care we continue to receive at Owl - St. Matthew. We are lucky to have such a fantastic circle of child care professionals teaching our kids and we go to work with peace of mind knowing that our kids are with them. Keep up the fantastic work! You are all outstanding teachers and people!

Carla and Chris Girolametto