My son absolutely loves "school" and it's 100% because of the wonderful staff at Owl St. Brigid, especially our #1 team in Toddler 2. They took the time to get to know my son, build a rapport based on trust and caring with him and with us, and as a bonus they know exactly how to handle his "indecisiveness" and silliness in a constructive way.
He bonded especially quick to Emily, and she was really our rock during transition and remains special to us for the role she plays in my sons daily life. Steph is always calm and caring, especially when things are off to a hectic start at 7am - Her patience never seems to waver. Melody is always down on the floor with the kids reading books, pulling off snow suits or refereeing potty breaks. She will do whatever it takes with a smile in her face. I feel really good about the care and education they provide for my child every single day. My son is blossoming into such a smart, funny and caring child and this is the direct result of the toddler 2 program and how well it compliments our home life.
My son will make pretend food at home and proclaim he is "cooking like Jen!". He sees the Flanagan food delivery truck in the parking lot and knows it has food for Jen to cook in it, he gets so excited. He adores her and when she brings food to his class, I'm told lol.
On a seperate note, I love that educators I have never met or met only a few times know my son's name and he smiles and interacts with them in the hall which tells me they go the extra mile even when the child isn't in their primary program.
I gush about the care our child receives daily any chance I get. My son loves his educators and his program and we love the positive effect it has had on our family, but mostly that Owl St. Brigid is working with us to ensure my son reaches his fullest potential with the best start all of us can give him.

– Sarah W.