As an only child, and needing child care, I chose Owl. Being a staff member it was a decision that came a little easier than normal for our family. My husband and I enrolled our child at 18 months in the toddler program and she continued through until that sad day when she was ready to move to Grade 1 and her time at Owl came to an end. Because of the love, support and encouragement, my daughter received in those years, she now shows those same traits towards her teachers and peers in grade one. She will always refer back to a routine or rule that a staff has set for her, and will sometimes remind us as parents that she is right. The staff are friendly, positive and are dedicated to their work. So many thanks to Owl and the amazing staff. Because of them I have a wonderful little girl who loves her school, teachers, peers and the world around her. Because of their hard work a strong foundation was formed and her early life skills got off to a great start. Many thanks to Owl and the team that supports them.

– Mary Klug