Being a sensitive mom, leaving Logan when he was just 6 months was so hard. And then the transition from infant to toddler room was also hard. What put me at ease however was knowing I was leaving him with the most amazing, loving, happy, fun educators. It is not easy choosing the right day care, but from his first educators at Owl St-Brigid, Kiva, Michelle, Velvet and Ally to his toddler educators Sara, Jenna and Britany, I knew Logan was in good hands. You girls are so compassionate and really show how much you love what you do and for that I appreciate and thank you for everything you do.
Jen, you have such an important job. You make sure my little guy has a full belly with plenty of delicious meals and need to remember everyone’s allergies and preferences and you plan or alter your lunches to accommodate when you can which is 100% appreciated. I also see you joining in ratio when you’re needed and your interaction with the children is happy and relaxed, even though I’m sure you have a bunch of stuff to do in the kitchen to get ready for the day. And for that, I thank you!
Alisha and Denise, I strongly believe every good team steams from having good leaders. You are 100% the reason why the day care functions the way it does. So thank you for being amazing and having amazing staff. Logan, myself and Pierre are very lucky and happy to be working with all of you amazing, loving educators!

– Kayla