My experience with the Owl Child Care program dates back to 1993 when I enrolled my son in the infant program at the former Northland location. At that time there were very few programs accepting infants so I felt very fortunate to secure a placement in a brand new facility that I would come to know was staffed by very caring and competent early childhood educators. I enrolled my second son in the infant program two years later and remained with Owl until my children were of age to leave for elementary school. Over the years, I have referred numerous friends and acquaintances to Owl. As recently as this week, I called Owl for yet another referral and was pleasantly surprised to speak to two former excellent care givers of my children who are now involved as Supervisors of Owl locations. The infant I enrolled in 1993 has entered his first year of university. I would like to thank Owl for giving both of my children a great head start.

– Barbara Kelly-Hough