Exploring Art Mediums Using Our Senses
October 2019


This month we have explored with a variety of art mediums, tools and surfaces. We provided the children will different types of paint and brushes. We first started out with tempera paint. Some of the children would dip the brush in the paint pot and dab it onto the paper. Lilyanna and Owen were quite interested in exploring the paint with their hands. Lilyanna would squeeze the paint brush tip and watch as the paint would squeeze through her fingers and trickle down her hand. Owen used the brush to paint the tips of his fingers, side of his hand and up his arm. He would watch as his hands quickly became covered in paint. Faisel would apply the paint all over his paper and then use his hands to smear it even more. I wonder what the children thought about the texture, temperature and smell of the paint as they applied it on the paper and themselves?


Child rubbing a crayon on a tree to make a print


We also provided the children with chalk, markers and crayons. We thought we would try something different and tape some paper around the tree and brick outside on the playground. The children smiled as Ashley handed them some crayons and slowly started to make marks on the paper. Rina was trying to roll the crayon up and down the paper. Ashley helped her out by tearing the paper off the crayon so she was able to create a mark with it. She examined the crayon and then went back to rolling the crayon. She pointed to the marks it made and smiled. David pointed to the tree and asked, “Colour on the tree?” Ashley replied, “Yes, I put some paper on the tree. What happens when you colour on it?” David smiled and said, “I colour on the tree.” Sam suggested that we try paper on the brick and see if the prints look any different. We put paper on the brick and the children knew what it was for as they put their hands up to be given some crayons. Rina and Avery coloured beside each other and almost took turns watching one another colour on the paper.


During these various activities the children were able to practice their communication skills by engaging in reciprocal communication. They were able to express themselves creatively through using different art supplies. The children continued to practice different fine-motor skills with paint brushes and crayons. The marks that were made were the start of writing and drawing skills. As educators this is some of the learning that we see taking place.


The Toddler team welcome any observations or questions you may have about your child’s learning. We look forward to seeing what other learning can be achieved by exploring other art mediums.



Children making marks with crayons

Child making marks with paint

Child exploring paint with his hands




















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