Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!
November 2019


Child sitting in a sled


Most of the toddlers would have no recollection of the snow from last winter. For many this would be their first experience to fully engage in it and with it. When the snow first started falling the toddlers ran to the window just watching as it began to cover the ground. Faisal yelled, “Its raining!” The educators went over to inform him that it was snow. His face looked puzzled as he repeated, “Snow?” David, Rina, and Emir all ran over repeating the word snow.


When it was time to go outside, the toddlers just stood in the snow unsure about maintaining their balance as they walked in it. Once they became more comfortable they ventured out across the playground. When we put out the sleds and shovels the children picked up the handles trying hard to get a grip with their mittens on. Once they were able to figure out how to pick up the shovels with their mittens on, they started slowly walking. As they moved along they started to see the snow begin to fill the shovel. The more they moved the shovel, the more it filled with snow making it more difficult to push. They eventually solved their dilemma by dumping the snow to empty their shovel, only to repeat the process over.


David and Lilyanna cautiously sat down on the sleds just observing the snow fall around them. They would smile as they used their mittens to swish the snow away, then watch as it covered the sled again. Gerri and Ashley each picked up the handles and began to pull the children around the playground. The children in the beginning held tight to the handles to maintain their balance. It appeared to be difficult for them to remain sitting upright as the sleds moved along the snow. Once they were able to maintain their balance they smiled and giggled as they rode along. Other toddlers then came to sit on the sleds all waiting for their turn for a ride.


For some indoor play, Ashley filled the large sensory bin with snow and then added paint pucks with brushes for the toddlers to explore. They placed their hands in the snow with a look of surprise that it was cold. Ashley picked up the snow and began tossing it. The toddlers giggled and laughed and then joined in the fun. Ian laughed saying, “Uh oh!” as he went to throw it the snow melted in his hand.


During the winter months, outdoor play can sometimes be limited due to the extreme cold. However, the winter season provides many opportunities for play and practicing skills such as using our larger muscles to simply walk through the snow or even pulling each other on the sleds. Problem solving skills develop such as how can I use my hands still even though I have mittens on? How can I walk across the snow or ice without falling? Language skills are developed with adding words such as snow, cold, icy, slippery, melting and many more. Science concepts such as the melting of the snow going from a solid to a liquid. The benefits of fresh air, as well as a change in their environment provides many new learning opportunities. Let it snow! Let it snow! Let snow! How far will the toddler learning go?




Child driving his car in the snow

Child with hands in the cold snow

Child pulling another child in the sled outside in the playground























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