Puzzle Hunt
October 2019


The school age children love the game “Hide and Seek” As a way to enhance this interest the group was presented with a challenge that required teamwork and communication skills. The children had to go on a hunt to find puzzle pieces and put it together as fast as they could.


To begin the activity, the puzzle pieces were hidden all around the room. After the children were notified about the activity, they sprang into action. The children delegated responsibilities quickly and appeared organized in their thought processes. Some of the children kept on looking around the classroom, while others would put the pieces together in order to complete the goal.


The children putting the pieces together had a plan. Nathan suggested, “We’ll look for the edge piece since it easier to find and put together.” While others worked on the middle part. Some of the children also organized the pieces by colour. Shaan was overheard asking, “Does anyone have any green pieces?” This allowed for building on communication and sorting skills to ensure that if anyone found a certain puzzle piece, they would give it to him.


They also wanted to motivate and encourage others to keep trying. They would stay positive even if they noticed one of their peers were getting frustrated. As one child was struggling to fit pieces together, Thomas assisted by pointing to the place where he thought a piece would fit. When the piece was placed in the puzzle, a smile appeared on the child’s face showing excitement that it was getting completed. Thomas replied, “Good job!” This shows that the children are able to assist each other and communicate success.


The children completed the hunt and puzzle within 15 minutes. Upon reflection, one of the frustrations and disappointing factors was that the puzzle didn’t have all the pieces. Kristen and Stella who were familiar with the puzzle shared that the puzzle had been around awhile and there were missing pieces. Knowing this fact, assisted in calming those who were frustrated. Perhaps this leads us to a new activity of trying to draw the missing puzzle pieces or making our own.



School age children putting together a puzzle

Child crawling under a table to find a puzzle piece

Children working together on a puzzle