Sunflower Investigation
November 2019


During the warmer months, sunflowers were planted in the child care gardens and successfully reached full growth. As the colder weather came and it was time to clean up the gardens the heads of the sunflowers were brought inside for some exploration.
First, the sunflower was placed inside of a box and the children had to guess what was inside of it by putting their hand in and feeling out what it could be. Elizabeth said “It feels like a pineapple because it feels pointy.” Kristen said, “It feels like a basket.” The children made accurate hypothesis on what the object might be by feeling the texture. This supports the children’s observation skills by only using their sense of touch. After the guesses, the children were surprized to see that it was a sunflower.


To add onto this learning experience, we decided to dissect the sunflower. Before doing so, the children guessed what would be inside of it. Olivia said “I think it will be sticky.” After taking apart the stem, to our surprise, it was soft and fluffy. The children touched it and were fascinated by the texture. Thomas made a comment and said that it reminded him of cotton balls due to the appearance and texture.

As we further inspected the sunflower, a few seeds unexpectedly fell out from the front of the flower. This was when we discovered that sunflower seeds are produced in the centre of the flower’s head. This inspired the children to come up with different ways that they could use the sunflower seeds such as painting with it or possibly eating the seeds. Kristen offered to write a list everyone’s ideas on the board. This way, everyone was able to follow along and add onto the list.


In How Does Learning Happen? It states “Every child is an active and engaged learner who explores the world with body, mind and senses. Continuously questioning and testing their own theories and strategies and seeking new ideas to facilitate children’s exploration and understanding of the world around them in meaningful ways.” (pg. 37 & 38) During this activity the children were provided with the opportunity to build on their cognitive and language skills.


What will we explore next? Music, specifically playing instruments appears to be a popular topic in the room. Stay tuned for documentation about this interest.



Sunflower head in a box for children to explore

Child exploring a sunflower with her hands

Child writing down ideas of her peers on the white board



















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