Making Juice
October 2019


In Owl ‘s Program Statement it states, “Educators engage children in cooking experiences as part of curriculum while exploring healthy eating and nutrition”.

In the preschool room we have been working on this by involving children in baking. We wanted to offer a different experience by making natural juice from fresh fruit and vegetables.


We introduced the children to a small appliance called a juicer, which Grazyna brought in from home. When we placed it in the middle of table, the children gathered around and pointed to the machine where they asked, “What is it?”. Anthony and Tanner answered their wonder by saying, “It is a train engine.” We asked the children “What’s this machine doing?” Nobody gave an answer. To help the kids find out what this little appliance was and what it was for, we invited them to sit at the table and look closely at the basket placed in the middle. “I see apples and carrots, can we eat them?”, the children kept saying. “Actually yes, but in the different way”, replied Grazyna. “We will need this machine that is called a juicer and your help to extract juice from the apples and carrots to make nutritious juice for drinking.”


The children were excited about the upcoming experience. Next, each child that participated got the opportunity with the watchful eye of an educator to practice cutting with a butter knife to make the items into smaller pieces to fit through the neck of the juicer.


Daniela volunteered to be first placing her chunks of apples and carrots into the juicer. Before pushing the pieces down with the assistance of a plunger, she turned on the juicer and watched how an auger crushed and squeezed her apples and carrots.


Mia pointed to the collecting container and said, “Look juice is coming.” Within minutes the preschoolers saw how the appliance made juice from the fruits and vegetables that they prepared.


At lunch time the children enjoyed drinking their homemade juice with their meal. Most of the group liked it. Lucas, Lincoln, Mia, Anthony and Grace kept asking for more repeating, “It is yummy for my tummy!”


It was a great experience for our preschoolers as it allowed them to prepare the food to be changed into something else. They were able to practice their fine motor skills of cutting and pushing the plunger on the juicer. The children showed focus, care and independence while handling a butter knife to cut the fruit into smaller pieces. They used their observation skills to watch the machine do the work to accomplish the goal of making juice. The most important observation was that the children took pride in their work and consumed the end product, which was a healthy drink.


Child pushing the plunger part on the juicer

Child focused on using knife to cut fruit


























Do you cook or bake with your child? Are you able to share a fun and healthy recipe that you make at home? We would love to hear these ideas, feel free to share them with the Preschool team so we can try them here.



Child drinking home made juice

Child pushing fruit through a juicer




























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