Visiting the Butterflies
November 2019


When the educators were planning a field trip, many ideas were thought about. We finally came to the decision of visiting The Butterfly Conservatory in Cambridge. Most of the children were super excited as this was going to be their first ride on a school bus. Some of the children who had already been there shared their memories by telling us about the butterflies and small creatures that we would find at the conservatory.


Before we went on our adventure, we introduced the concept of metamorphosis and looked at books about butterflies. We even read the book, “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” which has become a favourite story amongst the group.


When we arrived at our destination we were met by one of the Conservatory coordinators who took us to an activity room. Here, is where we saw a variety of butterfly pictures, their real wings, their vision glasses and life cycle pictures. The children got to experience viewing insects up close in a bug keeper. Mia was brave and touched the meal worms in a bin. She thought they felt sticky. As part of our program the children got to put together puzzles and play an insect matching game. We learned an action song about the life cycle of a butterfly. The coordinator even let us touch a really long millipede. Some of the group expressed sadness when they heard that some butterflies live only for a day. We also learned that some live a month or more. All of us were confused to hear that caterpillars eats their own skin in the cycle of metamorphosis.


Children viewing insects in a bug keeper


When the group finally entered where the butterflied live, Daniel was a bit scared when one landed on his head, but still he tried not to touch it. Where as Manal enjoyed the butterflies little soft touch on her arm. “It feels tickly,” she said. We learned that there were almost 2000 butterflies in the conservatory and that they love to eat the sweet fruit that was found throughout the tropical garden.


With the excitement of seeing real life butterflies, this has inspired us to do more research and begin the first phases of a project. Arjit appears to have really absorbed the information learned as he knows many facts such as, a butterfly has a small body and wings. A caterpillar makes a cocoon and then turns into a butterfly. If you are interested in what the children wonder about, please see our Project History board in the classroom.



Child having a close up look at insects with a magnifying glass

Child touching meal worms in a bin

Children looking at a very long millipede





















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