Trip to FreshCo
November 2019


The toddler class has had an exciting month with first, Jack the Nimble Bus bus visiting us and then, our field study at FreshCo!

When Jack the Nimble Bus visited us, the toddlers had the chance to challenge and develop their gross motor skills. There was a mini trampoline the toddlers all took a turn bouncing on. A few of our older toddlers were able to use it to jump into the ball pit beside it like Max and Makenna. We climbed the ladder to use the slide, a favourite for Jaxon and Emilio; and balanced on foam balance beams and blocks. Emma, Lily and Kyla enjoyed throwing the balls from the ball pit around the bus. Andrew and Matthew climbed the rock wall with the supervision of an educator. Colin, Zoe and Layla enjoyed jumping on the giant crash pad mat. The monkey bars were challenging but Rachel, Mya and Kyla took turns hanging from them over a mat with help from an educator. We had music playing the whole time to dance to as we got out all our energy.

To help us wrap up our apple project, we decided to go on a trip to FreshCo. We had 5 wagons loaned to us by our families to help the toddlers with the long walk to the store and two high school volunteers to help us pull the wagons. There ended up being enough room in all the wagons for every toddler to have a seat. When we got there, the produce manager introduced us to one of their produce employees Victoria. She told us all about the different types of apples FreshCo sells, most of which are Ontario apples, and how they sell boxes and boxes of apples every day, making it one of their top sellers. She answered all of our questions about apples and recommended a good type of apples to make apple sauce. FreshCo kindly gave us an 8lb bag of Macintosh apples and we purchased an additional bag so we would have enough to share with the preschool and school agers for lunch. We also bought two smaller bags of Empire apples to make apple sauce as the final event for our project. Emilio, Jaxon, Mya, Max, Lily and Layla all helped to carry the apples back to Owl in our wagons. It was so hard to wait and not open the bags right away. When we got back to Owl it was already time to wash up and have lunch and we got to enjoy the juicy crisp apples we had picked out. Check out our project history board to see more about when we made our apple sauce.


Child sitting in a wagon with a clip boardgroup of children in a wagon at FreshCo

child sitting in a wagon with a big bag of apples












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