School-age 4

Recycle and Reuse
October 2019


The school-age 4 children have taken an interest in crafts using recycled cardboard. One day while going inside the building from our outside time, Quintin picked up a cardboard box from the recycling bin located outside the kitchen. When we got to the work area, he started to cut the box. He ended up creating a house out of it. He used various loose parts from the cart to finish the house, which he said was for his “pet”. This was a great craft idea and other kids started to use the cardboard too.


Now everyday as we go into the building the children head straight to the recycling bin outside the kitchen to see what they can find. If they do not find any cardboard boxes there, the educators accompany them to the recycling area of the school. They are very happy to find the empty boxes.


Jaime and Chloe painted a beautiful landscape by using a pizza box as their canvas. They even glued some sticks they collected from outside and made a fire pit. They used paint to make clouds and trees on the box. Joseph, Leo and Matthew made majestic shields out of the cardboard. Some of them painted and decorated their shields with paint and loose parts from the cart. It was a lot of fun for them each day to work on their ideas. If the children are not finished their creations when their parents arrive we stored the craft so that they can work on it again the next day. They used their fine motor skills and imagination to create these wonderful masterpieces. It was wonderful to see them engaged in creative problem solving working in small groups.


We can’t wait to see more creative things being built by the children using the recycled items which in a real sense is Recycle and Reuse!


Two boys holding up their shields they created out of boxesA photo of the pizza box transformed into a landscape





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