School-age 4

Creating Movie Props
November 2019


The children have been very creative with their recycled materials. Their interest sparked the one day when Matthew and Grayson wanted to go to the recycling bins to get some cardboard. Once we got into the class the boys mentioned, “We should use the cardboard for props and make a movie.” This really sparked everyone’s interest as they wanted to all join in and do some pretend make believe play by acting out a movie. The boys made shields and swords to pretend in a medieval times movie. Displaying great teamwork and planning skills while coming together to act out a movie the children even made movie tickets, a sign of the prices of the tickets for each age group and movie credits. They acted out The Three Little Pigs - making a pig noises and using cardboard for the pig’s houses. The children also acted out Sleeping Beauty. They were so into character and it was wonderful to see everyone get so involved as they worked together. They acted out Beauty and the Beast, made up a gymnastics movie, and even acting out The Grinch! They made a green face out of paper for the Grinch, Christmas tree drawings and played the music in the backyard. We continue to use recycled materials and loose parts to create different movie props and come together to have some fun acting out movies. We are continuing to make movies and practicing them for the next few weeks and then the children will perform them for all of the school age groups.


Three children acting out a playchild showing his pizza box sheld and sord he created.








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