School-age 4

The Wizard of Oz
March 2020


Putting on our play this month brought our project to an end.


The children have been working so hard on making recycled items this past month and working on their roles and lines for our play. Each day after school, group 4 was practicing the play “The Wizard of Oz.” This play was to display all the recycled items made by the children for “props” for the play. As each item was ready, the children focused on their parts within the play. Our group got many practices using the stage to go through the play. They were displaying wonderful teamwork skills and were so invested in this play.


On March 6th group 4 performed their play from beginning to end. It was truly fantastic and we were so proud as educators to be a part of this with them.


Many families came to watch their children perform and support them. We received so much feedback from parents that were impressed with the set designs and how it was all items that were “recycled or reduced.” We had many compliments after the play how well everything came together with costumes, their acting, and all the singing involved. We were lucky enough to have one of the parents in our group to help with music for the play as it was a musical. Thank you so much to Matthew’s dad Carlos for all the time he spent running through practices with us, and on the day of the performance. It was truly appreciated.


We can’t express how hard these children worked on this performance for you all. It was a moment they will always remember; how they made this masterpiece come to life for parents and all our other groups at Owl. As educators we will never forget this talented group of children working so hard on this Wizard of Oz play!





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