School-age 3

March 2020


Our School Age group 3 children are still working on their project on board games. We made many board games that were played in the past by our parents and grandparents. Parcheesi is a board game that was played many years ago. There are other versions of this game that is called Ludo.


We started to make this game by sanding a piece of plywood. Emily, Amelia and Hailey worked together to make the board smooth. Emily said, “I am rubbing very hard because I want it to be very smooth.” Then Hailey added, “That is a good idea because I do not want splinters on my hands when I am playing the game.” Amelia then commented, “My side is already feeling smooth.” As the girls kept on sanding Emily said, “There is so much dust coming out of the wood.” Sebastian who was playing nearby added, “That is because the wood turns into dust when you sand it.”


When the board was smooth enough we decided to paint it with four colours. The board was taped with painters tape to prevent the colours from bleeding. Some of the children volunteered to do the painting. Theia, Emily and Layla painted the borders black while Hailey, Lincoln, Logan and Leo painted the squares on the board red, blue, green and purple. Leo asked, “Why are we using these colours to paint the board?” Lincoln answered, “Because those are the colours of the pieces we have, to play the game.” Then Sebastian said, “The pieces are called pawns and we also need a dice to play. I know this because my parents play a game that is almost the same from Romania.”


Our Parcheesi board game was finished and ready to be played. The children were then asked for volunteers to play the game when Leo said, “I want to play but I do not know how.” So Leo and I started to play and I explained some of the rules and strategies of the game. He became confident in the game and commented, “This game is almost like Trouble, but without the popping thing in the middle; we are using a dice instead.” Quintin and Theia then requested a turn to play the game.





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