School-age 1

Our Bat Adventure
October 2019


The children in group 1 read a story, “Big Pumpkin” as we prepare for Halloween. In this story the small black bat is the hero who saves the day. The children asked if we could make our own bats, so that is what we did. We found black construction paper, as the children decided their bats needed to be the same as the one in the story. Then we found some popsicle sticks and chalk to make our bats eyes. The children wanted to use tap to attach their sticks so that it didn’t need time to dry.


As we were creating our bats, Wyatt asked, “What do bats eat?” We looked this up on the IPad to discover that bats like to eat bugs, like mosquitos. We also learned that bats us their ears to see so what better way to test out our bats then to go on a bug hunt flight through the school. How many mosquitos will your bat eat? The children were asked to count as we went but they were reminded that they needed to be very quiet as their bat needed to be able to hear the bugs flying by. The children were extra quiet as we traveled throughout the school eating all the mosquitos we could find.


See below to find out how many mosquitos the bats ate.

  • Landen – 100
  • Mason and Will B – 10
  • Wyatt – 30
  • Michael – 26
  • Nicholas and Olivia – 70
  • William T. – 63
  • Jack – 78
  • Ethan – 49
  • Theresa – 5
  • Merrick – 2
  • Naomi – One Million


It was surprising to hear that there was this many mosquitos flying around the school!


After our flight we sat on the benches in the room to acted out “5 little bats!” The children did a wonderful job waiting their turn and acting out their parts. This was a wonderful way to spend a rainy afternoon indoors.


child colouring a black bat with blue chalk






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