School-age 1

Making Purple Playdough
November 2019


In school age group one, the children have shown a real interest in sensory activities ever since we carved our big, white pumpkin. Narin thought it would be a wonderful experience for the children to make playdough. This was an amazing activity for all the children to use their social skills and learn a little about numeracy as well.


We first needed to find flour, cream of tartar, salt, food colouring, oil and boil some water. The children helped Narin find all these ingredients in the laundry room. They also found a large mixing bowl, measuring cups and spoons, as well as a large spoon to stir the dough. Each child had a chance to help scoop out and measure the flour and the salt. Olivia and Sophia helped pour in the oil and Michael had the chance to use the measuring spoons to measure out the cream of tartar.


Merrick helped Marianne fill up the tea kettle to boil the water. Olivia helped to choose the food colouring. She wanted purple but when we didn’t have purple we talked about mixing blue and red to make purple. This turned out great and make a wonderful shade of purple that everyone loved. Once the water was boiled Marianne and Narin measured it out and poured it into the bowl. Narin stirred the dough a few times and then it was time for the children to use their gross motor skills.


Naomi was so excited to mix everything together in the large bowl. She couldn’t wait to have her turn and when she did, her face was full on concentration. Narin talked to the children about kneading the dough and adding a little extra flour to make sure the dough isn’t too sticky.


The children were excited to play with the purple playdough throughout the week!


Child mixing the dough with a large spoon











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