Our New Outdoor Play Space
October 2019


This has been an exciting couple of months at St. Matthew. We feel very fortunate to be enjoying our own mini forest. We observed the demolition and reconstruction right before our eyes.


The children are talking about excavators, backhoes, forklifts, wrenches, screwdrivers, levels and tape measures. The workmen answered questions and demonstrated how to use their tools safely. We treated them to muffins as a thank you. We also made several cards that they could hang up at their office.


A variety of Maple Trees, Pine Trees, an Oak Tree, Tulip Tree and several colourful bushes adorn our new natural play space. Wyatt and joseph used the fallen pine needles while pretending to be doctors at the hospital. Sophia, Sloan, Kaylynn and Sam spent a lot of their time in the new sand pit area. Max visited with his twin in the giant mirror. Carter moved around the yard making chalk drawings on the large chalk boards.


Everyone loves rolling around on the new hill together. We sometimes bring out our tunnel from inside, and the children roll down inside the tunnel. This creates a new experience for them as well. This is a wonderful gross motor experience for all the children. Everything on our new play space has been tested out by all the children and every day is a new adventure.


Next time you pick up your child, wonder into our new play space and explore. Talk with your child about what they have been doing outside with their friends.


Child handing a working a card the class had made for themchildren in a colourful tunnel rolling down a small hill






















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