"Construction, Construction!"
November 2019


In preschool, the children have shown a big interest in construction type materials, tools and vehicles. The children remember all the different vehicles that they saw while the construction workers were working on our new playground.


One day, Courtney found a box and the children got excited and wanted to create a paper mache truck! The children decided on the colour brown for the base of the truck, so brown tissue paper was glued onto the box with help from many friends. They were asked what a truck looked like and the children thought of windows, wheels and lights. Brielle and a few others wanted pink wheels, so we explored mixing colours to create the colour pink before painting the paper plates that we used as our wheels. Sylvia also mentioned that it needed a front window, which they learned was called a dashboard. Construction paper was cut into squares for the windows and glued on. The children were assisted as they drew and cut circles for the front lights. During this experience, the children displayed their fine motor skills as they cut and glued on various materials. They also displayed their cognitive skills as they brainstormed what the truck would look like and also explored their shapes.


child using white glue to put tissue paper onto a large boxChild attaching wheels to a large box








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