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Updated: July 3, 2020


To Catch A Leprechaun
March 2020


It was almost St Patrick’s Day, and the preschoolers were still discovering what that meant. Together we listened to a story about how to catch a leprechaun. The discussions that followed the story had a lot to do with what the little man in green looks like, what he dresses like, where he finds his gold and why/ how we should catch him. Collectively we decided to build a trap of sorts. It was apparent the children were unsure of the little green man himself but wanted to find out how to get a share of his gold.


We used an old box, lots of green items and some shiny ones, since we figured they must like the colour green and of course they like shiny gold! Two tables were pushed together and were covered with paper, stickers, tape, scissors and many other items. The preschoolers got to work with Heather assisting. “More tape please’” was heard a lot as they busied themselves adding more paper and items to the box. Sylvia used a paper cup, tape, a pipe cleaner and her imagination to add a small trap to the side of the box. She then took another paper cup and cut lots of tiny green pieces of paper to provide for the leprechaun when he came. “Leprechauns like green, so I made a green bowl for him.” Brielle found some green tape and cut pieces off to stick more items to the box. Sometimes the end was hard to find and she needed her patience, fine motor skills and sometimes a bit of help to find it. Claire and Ellie enjoyed cutting up the paper for their friends to add to the project and added some shiny paw patrol stickers to the box themselves too. Ryker neared closer to see what everyone was doing and then decided to add some green items onto the box as well.


At the table beside the creators, Betty invited some children to join her. Together they came up with ideas of what to write to the little man with the pot of gold. They told him they wanted to be his friend and wished he would share his gold with them. The finished letter was taped inside of the box, so the leprechaun could read it after he walked into the “trap”. 


This creation showed how the preschoolers could take the lead, use their imagination to come up with ideas, works as a team, problem solve, and use their skills, including fine motor to create something together. It was built on a Thursday and set out the Friday afternoon before St Patrick’s Day.


A lesson in patience comes next, as the children of the preschool room must wait until we reunite to find out if he visited and what he may have left for the class. I’m sure they will be pleasantly surprised!





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