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Updated: July 3, 2020

School-age 2

It's a Bird; It's a Plane
March 2020


For the last week or so, the children in Group 2 have revisited their love of paper airplanes.  Lots of paper was made available for everyone to make big planes and small planes.  Ruchi and Joanne helped out with the stapler and retrieved a few airplanes from the ceiling.  The children looked to one another for tips on how to make a plane, how to make a fast plane and how to fix a plane. 


William and Liam were very pleased with the turbo booster add-ons they attached to the back of their planes.  Minas drew windows on his plane.  Several of the children used paper to created remote-control devices for their planes.  The children decorated their planes with markers, crayons and stickers.  Sebastian was the lead construction engineer and go-to guy for tips on how to make the best airplane. 


Sebastian very generously and patiently stopped his work to help his friends.  Zachary, Madison, William, Lauren, Corinne, Liam, Dylan, Sean, Hubert, Sebastian and Xavier enjoyed challenging one another.  There were planes flying everywhere as the pilots tried to make their plane fly the furthest.  There was lots of laughter when planes landed in odd places like the garbage can, the recycle bin, in or behind the cart, or under the tables.  Ruchi needed to use a broom to get one plane down that was stuck between a ceiling tile and the tile frame. 


So many skills were used during this fun activity.  Children practiced fine motor skills as they folded the papers.  They explored aerodynamic forces like thrust, lift and gravity while trying to get their planes to fly. They followed the directions given by their friends when folding and flying their planes.  They socialized with one another in a positive and supportive way. 


Maybe when we get back to school, the weather will cooperate so we can fly our planes outside.  Everyone who has paper can practice their skills at home.  Good luck.





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